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TTC #1 at 39

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citybumpkin Mon 23-Nov-15 17:46:03


I'm a relative newbie to MN and have jumped onto other threads re the above but thought I would start my own.

Backstory: in a LTR from the ages of 29 to 38 (he left me for OW). Always wanted children but his priority seemed to be his business. OW has two young children...grrrrrr...
Current: new partner and trying to move on
Age: 39
OH: 54 (just)
Health: no meds; vegetarian; swim; yoga, walking
TTC: #1 for 2 mths
ORT (April): LH: 5.2; FSH: 5.7; estradiol: 177 pg/ml

Obviously "time is of the essence" (thank you wonderful NHS technician) so I opted for another round of tests which included AMH and an ultrasound. Techie said that my ovaries were active?!

Any support, advice, but not so sure about this "dust" thing that keeps being mentioned...welcome.

Cheers mi dears!

eskimoflo Mon 23-Nov-15 20:33:28

Come and join us on the Bumsnet thread- not a speck of dust in sight! grin

citybumpkin Mon 23-Nov-15 20:58:26

Hey eskimoflo! Which one as there are loads? New to this...sorry!

eskimoflo Mon 23-Nov-15 21:04:16

It's ok- it's a bit overwhelming at first! Here's the link:


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