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ttc after recent miscarriage. Could I be ovulating?

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TownhouseMummy Mon 23-Nov-15 13:47:42

I had a missed mc 10 days/2 weeks ago at 11 weeks (preg no. 3, first mc. measure nearly 7 weeks). I miscarried naturally and stopped bleeding over a week ago with some brown discharge since. I have been advised to take a hpt 3 weeks later but yesterday I had what looked like ewcm so I took a preg test.

Yesterday evening my urine was very dilute and the hpt was negative. My ovulation test was slightly positive. This morning I tried again with fmu. My hpt was extremely faint after 4-5 minutes; my opk was strongly positive. Today cervical mucus varies between none existent/slight clear and something similar to ewcm but tinged with yellow/light brown. I've had some very slight cramping too.

I know an opk can detect hcg (that's how I discovered my second pregnancy) but I am surprised that the hpt is so faint (almost non existent) whereas opk is so strong. Do you think there's any chance I'm ovulating or is it just residual hormones? In which case can I use opk's to track hormone reduction?

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