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anyone else had a positive after a negative clear blue digi??

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RosieRandy123 Sun 22-Nov-15 19:53:12

hi guys Right this might be a long story so sorry for babbling..

i have written on so many sights and people seem to read it but not reply and im getting frustrated lol..

Ill start by sayin i am late on my period but i am also confused.. if i go by the last months cycle which was 25 days i am 4 days late.. if i go by the usual 28 days i am due on today.. but no sign of it coming, normally it comes first thing in the morning and i am in agony a few days before it arrives but still to this day i dont feel as if it is coming..

Yesterday morning i decided to do a clearblue digital which of course came up with a big fat NOT PREGNANT on it which wasnt the best thing to see but i have read that they are not the strongest tests and you need a lot of hcg for it to pick up.

i havnt been feeling as if my AF is going to arrive like i normally do but also dont feel as if im pregnant.. i read about all these symptoms and the only thing i can say is that im **ing like a race horse lately and im very very gassy more than usual hehe.. and i could sleep anytime any place im shattered..

Today i feel rough ive had to drink some ginger ale because i feel very sicky and bloated..

basically im just out for some advice and to hear some success stories on getting negatives but going on to have a positive down the line..

thanks xxx

sammylou1 Sun 22-Nov-15 20:09:41

Hey Rosie, are you sure you ovulated? If you're not charting your temperature then there's no way to know for sure when and if you ovulated. If you ovulated late or not at all this cycle then your period will be delayed. It's completely normal for everyone to have 1or2 anovulatory cycles a year. I had one once which was 43 days long despite being a regular 29 days for a year before it.

That being said cb digis are notorious for not being very sensitive, first response are buy one get one free in boots at the moment, worth giving one of those a try! Good luck. X

RosieRandy123 Sun 22-Nov-15 20:13:52

No ive never charted my temperature.. But i usually know when im ovulating because ive always had a slight twingy pain and lots of discharge when im ovulating (been to docs about that and they said perfectly normal)

Yeah i heard clear blue digis arnt very good for early pregnancy.. im off into town tomuz so will buy some tests then and see where it gets me.. thank you xx

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