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Sorry, iv got the crazies. Opk help.

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Sunnydays321 Sat 21-Nov-15 20:21:52

Ok ladies... I need your help!

Back story: been off pill for about 4 and half months. Only had 1 period in that time. 1st cycle 98 days. Currently on day 32 of 2nd cycle.

Iv got the crazies on. Got down to my last opk today (cos I'm now on cycle day 32 and not OVd yet, been testing daily since cycle day 10!). Also happened to have my new stash arrive today... Also called one step but when they arrived slightly different brand. Decided to do the new one and got two equal lines! Yay, thought this was probably a positive. But as it's the 1st of this brand iv done I thought I'd check with my last opk from the old stash... And it's negative! Line slightly darker, but not much darker, than the 2nd pink line iv had on every test for the last 22 days!!

So my question is, what is going on? Positive or neg. how reliable are the green top OPKs compared to the pink top??

in the picture you can see the new green opk which I think might be positive. Directly below it is the other old opk done on exactly the same urine sample. And then for comparisons sake a few old OPKs from days ago with equally dark lines.

I have had a weird mix of creamy, sticky and egg white CM mixed together today. Wouldnt call it egg white exactly but is stretchy. But I have had this before. Have had some pelvic pain, but I get this almost every day (convinced iv got pcos, mostly cos I'm a hypochondriac!).

I know the answer is to test again with new sticks tonight and for next few days. I guess if they get lighter and or disappear this is my peak. Also if I get my period in about 2 weeks that will be my answer! We are trying but I'm not desperate desperate for baby right now... Im more worried that I'm not ovulating. Would be great if this shows I am.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the crazy! Lol. Xx

SeriousStuff Sun 22-Nov-15 23:44:59

Sorry, no further advice from me, but didn't want your post to go unanswered I hope you get some clarity soon!

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