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I'm sorry. is this a line

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fourpawswhite Sat 21-Nov-15 20:01:45

Hello. Long history. Name change during hacking. Can someone tell me if this is a line. 2.5 years trying. 3 mc. Seeing specialist. Scared. Been spotting for 8 days now. Af due today. Always regular. Never bleed between cycles. flowers thank you.

BooOzMoo Sat 21-Nov-15 20:05:26

Yes it is!!!!


Houseworkavoider Sat 21-Nov-15 20:06:00

I see a line! flowers

CottonSock Sat 21-Nov-15 20:09:26

Maybe, I can't see it clearly. Try a first response in the morning? Fingers crossed for you

Sairelou Sat 21-Nov-15 20:11:36

I didn't even need to make the pic bigger to see that line. Congratulations thanks

MaisieDotes Sat 21-Nov-15 20:12:28

Yep. I can see it smile


Allisgood1 Sat 21-Nov-15 20:13:16

Yes. Congratulations.

Jw35 Sat 21-Nov-15 20:22:15

Yes! Congratulations x

BippityBoppity Sat 21-Nov-15 20:23:12

Yup! Congratulations

twirlypoo Sat 21-Nov-15 20:27:08

Yes! A line!! Thrilled for you, congratulations!

lexigrey Sat 21-Nov-15 20:30:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fourpawswhite Sat 21-Nov-15 20:31:44

shockshockreally. I'm actually crying and my heart is banging. Do you think the bleeding means a good thing. I'm sorry I know I'm asking stupid questions. Breathe. Ok. Af due today. Cycle clockwork. Started bleeding last Thursday tiny amount every day. Stopped yesterday. I know I should have waited to test but it took me everything I had to get to today. With mc I did not bleed during pregnancy until I lost the babies. Around 6 weeks for each. I have never bled mid cycle. Is this good? I'm sorry and thank you. Xxflowers

fourpawswhite Sat 21-Nov-15 20:34:20

I know lexi. The test is so strong but I have convinced myself there is maybe a very fair to line there. I should not have tested till morning but this spotting and sore books is pushing me to the edge. I have never had any of this before.

Loki17 Sat 21-Nov-15 20:35:23

Your bleeding was most likely implantation. You need to test again tomorrow but that looks like a line to me. flowers

MingZillas Sat 21-Nov-15 20:36:22

Congratulations, I can see a line too!

I think the spotting will have been implantation bleeding.

Congratulations again smile

fourpawswhite Sat 21-Nov-15 20:40:10

Would implantation last like 7 days. I'm so frightened of getting my hopes up. This is so hard. Thank you all so much. I really don't know what I would have done and would do without you.

fourpawswhite Sat 21-Nov-15 20:42:19

I don't want to tell dh. Well I do but I don't want to get his hopes up again. I love him to bits and he's so worried about me. I can't put him through it again. I can't bear it. I'm going to test over the next few weeks and not tell anyone. Well except you guys. Then maybes tell him. I know that sounds mad. Thank you. X

mrsmugoo Sat 21-Nov-15 20:42:53

There looks to be a faint line to me - a line's a line!

I'm 11 weeks at the moment - I had brown blood for about 5/6 days from 10dpo onwards - I thought I was out but it was IB. I got my bfp on 12 dpo.

Good luck thanks

MingZillas Sat 21-Nov-15 20:46:03

I did tests all the time after I got my bfp after having a mc. Just to reassure myself. It was a scary time and I couldn't properly relax until I had the 12 week scan.
I'm so sorry for your losses. Praying everything goes ok for you this time x

FourForYouGlenCoco Sat 21-Nov-15 20:47:37

Definitely a line, congratulations!
I completely understand how you feel, I am just 4 weeks pregnant again after a MMC and an early MC and had spotting yesterday. It seems to have stopped today but I am so on edge it's unreal. Also haven't told my OH as can't bear to have to give him more bad news when it all goes wrong.
I'm going to wait and push for an early scan and try not to tell him until then, provided a) I get that far and b) it's good news. Otherwise he'll probably never know tbh. I totally get the fear. flowers for you.

fourpawswhite Sat 21-Nov-15 20:48:39

Thank you. So teary. Don't know what to do with myself. Meant to start IVF journey in January. Dh had dreaded test 2 weeks ago. blushok. Once again. Breathe. flowers

Mydearchild Sat 21-Nov-15 20:51:56

I can see a line too. Everything crossed it all goes smoothly thanks

FourForYouGlenCoco Sat 21-Nov-15 20:52:36

It sounds daft but sit down, breathe, make yourself a cup of (decaf!?) tea or something else you like and just let it sink in for a bit!
You are pregnant!

gingerboy1912 Sat 21-Nov-15 20:53:44

Definitely a line op, congratulations grinthanks

GameOfGroans Sat 21-Nov-15 20:55:36

My line looked exactly like yours and he is currently snoring peacefully on my lap smile. Congratulations!

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