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Weddingbelle13 Sat 21-Nov-15 18:21:59

Hi all I am currently on cycle day 20 of a 33 day cycle got sore boobs cramping the lot but not had a positive opk yet but they are getting darker -

Anyway my question Is I am currently taking
- pregnacare conception vitamins
- chewable vitamin C
- vitamin b complex
- folic acid ( I lack this so was already taking a supplement prior to ttc
- zinc

Is this too much / not enough ? all help appreciated

Junosmum Sat 21-Nov-15 18:37:23

Too much, you'll be overloading on vit b's, c and zinc. Luckily they are all water soluble so you just pee out what your body doesn't need, but you are also peeing out the money you've spent!

Weddingbelle13 Sat 21-Nov-15 19:20:20

Oh dear lol I just wanted to ensure a healthy start for any little bubbs I have had one miscarriage so I want to make sure I do everything right, I was worried about negative effects of taking too much of anything but I'm reassured to know that I'll pee them out and it's not bad in any way x

Junosmum Sun 22-Nov-15 06:39:47

Vitamins a,k,d and e are fat soluble so are stored in your liver. Luckily only vit a causes any real issues (unless you have loads of the others) and isn't in pregnancy vitamins for that reason.

Personally I'd give up all except folic acid and start taking vit d but you could just take pregnacare and one folic acid (so you are having a double dose if that's what you need. In reality a reasonable diet will provide you with everything you need

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