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Any good tips for conceiving? Love to hear stories!

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BloomingR0sey Sat 21-Nov-15 13:22:58

I'm 23 and been trying to conceive for just under a year, we're going off my CM and also having sex regularly, but we're yet to have any luck! I'm taking folic acid and I don't drink.
(I know everyone's different) but I'd love to hear people's stories, advice on how they got pregnant!
Feeling fed up but trying to keep positive!

pepper30 Sat 21-Nov-15 13:37:49

Have you tried the ovulation testers? Though going off CM still worked best for us. It's frustrating waiting but it will just suddenly happen.... Very exciting!

BloomingR0sey Sat 21-Nov-15 13:49:30

I haven't, I think I'm going to get some! I'm still quite excited about the whole thing considering how long we've been trying! How long did it take for you to conceive?

pepper30 Sat 21-Nov-15 14:06:58

First time I think 6 months second time was nearly a year. It's more difficult than you think when there's only 24 hours or something like that for the egg to meet the sperm. The branded ones are pricey but you can get cheaper ones at asda..... Best of luck and fingers crossed it will happen soon x

BloomingR0sey Sat 21-Nov-15 14:35:13

I'm so glad you posted on here! Makes me feel but better! All I seem to seeing is people getting pregnant first time! I'll try asda! Thanks so much!

Oysterbabe Sat 21-Nov-15 15:28:27

I went on honeymoon, drank gallons on rum and had sex twice a day for two weeks smile

BloomingR0sey Sat 21-Nov-15 16:51:24

Sounds a good way to me! My husband always jokes we need to not try go out have a good night and it'll just happen!

MummyBex1985 Sat 21-Nov-15 18:01:07

Maybe you should ask the same question on the pregnancy board, this one is inevitably full of people like me and you who've been trying for half a lifetime and getting nowhere lol

The last month I've used the CB digital dual hormone OV kit to predict OV, apparently it's 99% accurate in predicting the LH surge.

Good luck to you and if I see or hear about anyone else getting PG after a one night stand I'll stick my head in a vat of wine and won't remove it until I get a baby

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