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It was positive, then it disappeared.

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Woobeedoo Fri 20-Nov-15 16:13:28

Long story shorter - a few days before my AF date I experienced internal low down pulling and stretching sensations - I had these with my previous BFP. Ive been experiencing nausea and dizziness so did a POAS. I got a faint positive after about a minute but by the time the full 3 minutes development were up, this faint positive had disappeared.

Since then my boobs have been itching, tingling and burning like crazy, they have increased in size and I'm still getting the occasional nausea and dizziness (oh, and hyper sensitivity to smells, especially food - chicken being the worst which applied to my first BFP).

I've taken another POAS which came back negative.

I'm a few days away from AF date and I know I should just wait, but this is driving me slightly crazy!

Has anyone else been through the same or similar and got a BFP at the end of it?

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