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3 mths of pain post mirena..

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RvG2014 Thu 19-Nov-15 03:07:08

Hello to all of you who are awake at this stupid time of the morning... I need advice.
I was fitted with a mirena coil on the 20th August by my gynaecology consultant for endometriosis.. Whilst the first half hour was ok, ive been - on and off - in agonising pain since. I've also only had 1 week of zero bleeding in the last 3mths.
There are days where i cannot stand straight because of how much it hurts. The baring down pressure and shooting pains have been known to make me feel dizzy and nauseous at times. My endo nurse is convinced ive got musculoskeletal issues... But that hardly seems likely as it resembles my endo back pain thst i experienced around ovulation and my period... But it came on almost immediately after insertion and hasnt left me since.
Im so horrendously bloated through pain and my skin resembles that of a 14 yesr old boy. My moods are drastic and the opiate pain meds i need at times cause me horrendous insomnia - hence why im reaching out to you guys at 3am sad

I had a scan 4weeks ago when they said it was all in the right place.. But im just shattered from it. What puts me offhabing it removed is that they want to consider a second surgery if this hasnt worked for me.. Endometriosis has made me feel like a man woman sad

Fourarmsv2 Fri 11-Dec-15 07:24:29

Sorry you've had no replies. How are you feeling now?

RvG2014 Wed 16-Dec-15 23:55:06

Hi Fourarms... Im sorry, ive only just seen this!
I ended up having the coil removed on the 27th November as i couldn't stand it any longer sad
The issue i am now experiencing is that i ovulated 17/18 days ago - i experience ovarian twinges and ewcm. But no period? My OH and i had unprotected sex the day before removal... Ive had brown spotting on and off for 2 days with cramping, random nausea, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, exhausted and SO bloated!?
But im avoiding testing as im away with family at the moment and dont want to ruin christmas... Lol awful really isnt it?

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