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Round two BBT (need help)

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LilyWhite2 Wed 18-Nov-15 12:19:02

Needing a BBTer who knows more than me to take a look at my chart. We've been trying since July of this year and sure I'm not ovulating (last months chart I posted here showed me not to be and was fairly simular).

As a run down, I have hypothyroidism (norm TSH) and went for check up as suspected bicornuate uterus.

Estrogen levels came back low 2 months in a row as did my rubella. Cleared of pcos (had scans ect) but as my cycles vary from 32 to 38 days I can't catch elusive "21 day test" for the hospital.

Number 1s (pinky colour) where times I had taken at different times to help if that makes any difference.

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