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TTC during 1 hell of a stressful year

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Superbabywright Tue 17-Nov-15 20:51:37

Hi. This is a bit of a whinge but sometimes it is better to say it and know that others are going through something similar.

I have been through 1 hell of a poo year.
My DP has been unemployed for the best part of a year so I have been the bread winner while stuck in a job that I hate following a restructure watching people who turned out to be crap take over.

I then had a full on nervous breakdown and battle with depression and anxiety for a few months while reliving a childhood trauma.
I am still on the road to recovery but I am off anti-depressants now. I still have a few wobbles but I recognise when I feel the negative thoughts coming back.

It was December last year when I decided to stop taking the Depo. I know it normally takes a while for things to get back to normal but I had conceived by now last time and i'm feeling a bit nervous now.

I have had a major falling out with my mam over a large variety of things. This happened in the last couple of weeks.

I'm now worried about so much while watching, what feels like a million people fall pregnant. While constantly being asked when we are trying for another now DD is 4. I just smile and nod when it gets mentioned.

Should I just disregard the last year and just take 2016 as a fresh start in regards to everything... including TTC?

Tigerstripes Wed 18-Nov-15 09:31:08

I have also had an awful year, in fact two years really. Have been battling depression and anxiety throughout and just had a relapse in the last couple of weeks, due to an incident at work. So I know a little of how you feel.
I am considering TTC as a new start and something positive. However, I recognise that it could also be very stressful if it takes a while, which is not going to be good for my mental health. I'm hoping for the best and have support from my DH. Do you have good support too? Or is your DH struggling himself from being unemployed for so long? Do you really want a second baby or do you just think you 'should'? Just some things to consider that might help you decide.

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