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Can I ovulate on a CBFM high day and not on the peak?!

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artylady14 Tue 17-Nov-15 17:52:12

Hi all. I wondered if it is possible that the CBFM doesn't pick up ovulation til its passed? Im on CD 19 today and got my second Peak on my CBFM today. I only had one high day before the peaks and was caught out by it as we were not trying the past week with my husband being a bit ill. Also, I normally ovulate on CD24-28 so we were just going to start trying.

Anyway, my temperature rose today and I have yet to get a positive on my CB digital ovulation tester. I just tried yesterday and today. Yesterday evening I did a cheapie and the digital and the cheapie had a dark second line but it was much lighter this evening. Both evenings (and yesterday daytime) the digital has been negative.

Does anyone think I may have ovulated two days ago (the day I got a high and wasnt even doing ovulation tests or ttc)? My chart doesnt look good


I am so annoyed this has happened this month as it was our last chance before we start IVFsad

Junosmum Tue 17-Nov-15 21:58:40

Yes, very much possible and actually quite likely. OPKs are a blunt tool at best, totally rubbish and worthless at worse. They are so dependent on your hydration levels, time you pee etc etc.

The month I got pregnant they told me I didn't ovulate! Luckily I watched my CM and discounted the OPKs.

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