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Clomid/ tracking/ older women

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wotsitsmaltesers Mon 16-Nov-15 16:14:42

Hi, Am 42 and just started taking 100mg of clomid today. Have any other older women used it and does anyone know about when to get a scan to track the follicles? Consultant just gave it to me and didn't really tell me anything about it all and am now worrying.

Illiria Thu 19-Nov-15 02:30:45

Hi, I'm 32 and I did clomid at 100mg a day. Some people who aren't having iui use it for a while and just time sex to when you have a lh surge. I had iui as well as clomid.

My schedule was the following: Took it days 3 to 7, had a scan on day 13 (if I hadn't surged by then), took my trigger shot that night and then had iui on day 15.

Apart from the last round when I surged the morning of my scan so they had me do the trigger injection that morning and then iui the next morning.

Am currently 5w2d after the third round.

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