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TTC / Endo / PCOS.... Fun

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Nurse15 Mon 16-Nov-15 15:11:07

So this thread although it looks like your typical TTC thread actually isnt. Im 26, was on the pill until February when i decided to come off it and use condoms - Which actually didnt happen that often mostly due to laziness!! My husband and I had some discussions and although he isn't keen he wouldn't be that annoyed if we where to get pregnant. However, I hadn't had a period from February until last week! Bloods done by GP etc and he has referred me to gynae. 11 month waiting list here in NI to see them so i won't be holding my breath!! Basically, assuming im not ovulating we havent been bothering with contracpetion, Yet i'm still not pregnant!! Part of me would love a baby the other part freaks out at the thought. Gp has started asking difficult questions about trying for babies etc, so really what i'm saying is, Im not officially TTC but im not preventing either. I dont think i actually now what i want!!! Did anyone know for sure 110% that they actually where ready for a wee one? Does everyone freak out a bit thinking about the prospect of producing another human being? All replies (sarcastic or otherwise) appreciated!!!

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