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AKP79 Mon 16-Nov-15 09:39:20

So... I've taken a pregnancy test this morning and it's positive - yay! However, it's very early days and the test says that I'm 1-2 weeks pregnant which based on my cycle is about right.

However, I'm sure this is basic biology, but I'm very confused because when I updated my Ovia app it says that pregnancy is just an idea at the moment and that I haven't conceived. Am I being really thick here? How can a test show positive without conceiving? I'm a bit worried I am being stupid please be kind...

Jibberjabberjooo Mon 16-Nov-15 10:25:24

You have to be producing hcg for the test to be positive. You may not have implanted yet as it's early days. You count your pregnancy from the first day of your last period, so you're actually about 3-4 weeks. I know that doesn't make sense but that's how you're pregnancy is dated.

Jibberjabberjooo Mon 16-Nov-15 10:25:51

And yes if you're producing hcg and getting a positive test you're pregnant!

AKP79 Mon 16-Nov-15 10:41:39

Thank you Jibberjabberjooo... it's been a long trek to get here and I'm trying not to get too excited with it being early days, but when I updated Ovia and it said that baby was just an idea and I hadn't conceived I was really confused and disheartened! xx

DelphiStar Mon 16-Nov-15 10:51:43

Don't freak out. The way they count pregnancy weeks is weird. Day 1 is the first day of your last period so even in week 1 you haven't actually had the baby making sex yet. It's a oddity of counting. If the test says pregnant, you are pregnant. Relax and google how they count pregnancy weeks. smile

AKP79 Mon 16-Nov-15 10:54:31

Total baby brain already! I put the wrong date in the app!!! According to the app using my correct dates I'm 3 weeks and 3 days... That's made me feel a lot better! Still early days I know, but better than i was feeling with the wrong dates smile

Kaytee1987 Mon 16-Nov-15 18:57:57

You only produce hcg after you have implanted and even then it takes a few days to reach high enough levels to be detected. Im not sure what the app is that you're using however when a pregnancy test says you're pregnant you're pregnant. When counting dates you count from first day of your last period so a doctor would say you are 4 weeks pregnant when you probably only conceived 2 weeks ago and likely only implanted 1 week ago x

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