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Is my fiancé pregnant

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Leyden82 Sun 15-Nov-15 16:07:46

Hi ladies,

My fiancé and I are trying to conceive.
She is now 12 DPO
2 days before Af

She has sore breasts and just told me a couple of hours ago her nipples were sore too.she feels as though her breasts are fuller( I've not notices a difference in size but it's her body

I've noticed her more moody she kept on at me the whole day on Friday(really don't want to sound masojonistic)
She has been slightly more tired waking around 0830 but feeling tired and having to go to bed around 2200. ( not normal for her )
But here's where I'm confused.
She woke at 0500 today with diarreah and feeling nauseous but no actual vomiting.
This has lasted all day and she says she feels terrible . And achy

I was wondering if she has a bug but she doesn't have any chills or sweats

Food poisoning? We both ate the same things over the weekend.and I'm fine.

We pg test on Sat was a neg.
She is 39

Any help from subject matter experts would be amazing

Thanks from a very hopfull fiancé

Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 18:12:33

Hey Leyden,

Those symptoms do sound like early pregnancy but are common premenstrual symptoms too. It's due to the fact progesterone floods the body after ovulation.

She is still two days before her period so that test may have been inaccurate because there may not be enough hcg (pregnancy hormone) in her blood - depends on when implantation happened, if it occurred of course.

What test did you use as they come in varying sensitivity? I'd suggest waiting (if you can) until day of period and test with first morning urine. Also the fancy pance rip off test are not necessarily the best. I found super drugs early responds test very good and it was half the price. I was due on 13/11 and got a positive on 07/11. My dates must have been off but the fact is the test was super sensitive.

I hope you get the answer you want. Please keep us posted, I'm intrigued. Also, I think it's absolutely lovely that you are so involved in the journey, amazing! flowers

Leyden82 Sun 15-Nov-15 18:43:42

Hi peyia,

We used clear blue .

Now I'm not so hopeful as she now is complaining of being freezing . Also she found out that someone from her work had a gastro infection. So not looking good now oh well we still have 2 days to wait.
And thank you I like to know about these things so I can help her

AllOutOfNaiceHam Sun 15-Nov-15 18:57:17

It sounds like a bug, but clearblue tests are really not very sensitive, so don't give up hope yet.

ConstanceMarkYaBitch Sun 15-Nov-15 18:58:22


Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 19:15:17

Yep, I guess shivers are a sign she's coming down with something but like Ham said, still a chance so fingers crossed.

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