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Mid cycle discomfort

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guidinglight Sun 15-Nov-15 11:11:54

I came off the pill in August after 13 years so we could TTC. I had always had irregular periods as a teenager until I went on the combined pill. I switched to the mini pill after about 5 years and initially had no periods. They then became very irregular and could last for weeks when I did get one.

I was surprised when I stopped the pill that my cycle returned immediately and they are fairly regular although not exact (29-32 days) and have so far been lighter and less painful than being on the mini pill. I am not doing anything to maximise conception, just unprotected sex (DP has ED so need a fairly relaxed approach). I do however have an app to track periods. In the week that the app says I should ovulate, I get fairly constant period type pains for about a week - they're not agonising, just quite uncomfortable. Does anyone else get this? I'm trying to work out if it is normal - I've tried googling but from what I've read ovulation pain wouldn't last that long.

If it continues I will go to the doctor but I'm having investigations for something else and don't want to derail from that at the moment. Thanks.

sophied1983 Mon 16-Nov-15 20:25:50

I've had all sorts of pains and cramps. Last week when it showed peak fertility on my ovulation test, I had an odd bruised feeling in my right side and after some Google activity, this can be a sign of ovulating.

I've had cramps and a feeling like my period is coming, all materialising in nothing.

I'd say you're just feeling things you weren't aware of when on Pill as that controlled everything for you.

I'm finding out things about my body I never knew happened as been on Pill since 15 (17 years!).

shelbTa Mon 16-Nov-15 20:58:39


Yes I do - although I feel it quite low down, in my groin almost. I also feel very nauseous.


FATEdestiny Mon 16-Nov-15 21:03:03

My ovulation pain is often greater than my period pains, same feeling though. Completely normal for me, and incidentally a great help when TTC because there was never any doubt when I was ovulating.

simplydivine05 Mon 16-Nov-15 22:02:58

I could have written your post. I am experiencing this right now. I'm on to day 6 of cramping. I ovulated two days ago but it's not stopped. Was the same last cycle. My cycles have also varied from 25-30 days over the last 5 months although I stopped the pill in Feb and had a 27 day cycle for the first few months. I'm thoroughly fed up with feeling like rubbish every cycle. I get around 3 good days at the back end of my period and then I feel ill for 3 weeks straight with daily headaches, nausea, fatigue (by far the worst symptom as it is debilitating), sore boobs, bloating and cramps. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it.

PurpleTreeFrog Mon 16-Nov-15 22:04:51

I thought ovulation pain was a fairly well known thing (although less notorious than period pains)... for me it feels a bit like a stitch or a stabbing pain...

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