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is this a positive??

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TheLuckDragon Sun 15-Nov-15 08:42:25

Hi all, I am on CD25 of a 28 day cycle and I just POAS using FMU.

I think I can see a line?! It came up within 2 minutes (test says to wait for 5 minutes) It's only our second cycle so it would be amazing!

So, can you see a line? Is this for real?!

Spanielcrackers Sun 15-Nov-15 08:44:27

Yes. I can see a line. Congratulations smile

Mummybear8 Sun 15-Nov-15 08:44:58

I think it is. I used those pregnancy tests and they worked for me. I'm currently sat feeding my 8 week old son! Congratulations flowers

cookielove Sun 15-Nov-15 08:46:41

Yup its a positive smile

Congratulations flowers

Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 08:52:31

Amazing! Congrats xx

TheLuckDragon Sun 15-Nov-15 08:58:20

Oh my god!! This is happening isn't it!! Thanks guys, I think I'm in shock!

TheLuckDragon Sun 15-Nov-15 09:29:42

Shall I test again tomorrow? What are the chances of it being a false positive?

Sorry, I'm just really freaking out

E11Chick Sun 15-Nov-15 09:40:01

I took 7 tests in two days as I couldn't believe it! If it makes you feel better I'd do another one.....congratulations :-) x

miniswin Sun 15-Nov-15 10:51:29

Literally only because these look like exactly the same tests as I just got a very definite positive one day and then a very definite negative the next (I did the second test with the same type of test and then a superdrug one to double check) I would say take another, but you're taking it at a much more sensible time in your cycle and I'm sure it's just me who seems to have ended up with what looks like a duff one! That being said, congratulations!! flowers

TheLuckDragon Sun 15-Nov-15 13:31:35

I just took another because I couldn't help myself and it's positive too!!

Still going to test for days and days until it actually sinks in!

miniswin Sun 15-Nov-15 15:07:02


TheLuckDragon Wed 10-May-17 17:05:36

Heehee, just found this again and I now have a very healthy 9 month old baby boy! smile

Hotpinkangel19 Wed 10-May-17 20:41:15

Awww!! @TheLuckDragon Congratulations!!! Xx

summerblonde Wed 10-May-17 21:15:07

Aww this is sweet. And congratulations! 💙

SleepFreeZone Wed 10-May-17 21:16:26


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