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Is this a positive opk?

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DizzyMerry Sat 14-Nov-15 22:34:34

Can someone please tell me if this opk is positive or not quite there yet? It's not the best pic but the lines are pretty clear.

steppemum Sat 14-Nov-15 22:37:46

if a line appears, however faint, within the time it says, then yes it is positive. That is a pretty strong line!


Peyia Sat 14-Nov-15 22:43:43

Yes I would say that is your surge! Get shagging!!! And good luck x

DizzyMerry Sat 14-Nov-15 22:44:54

Steppemum it's actually an ovulation test. I know the line has to be dark for it to be positive but not sure if this counts as a positive.

DizzyMerry Sat 14-Nov-15 22:47:02

X post. Thanks peyia. This is my first proper cycle post mmc and I've forgotten what my previous opks looked like.

steppemum Sat 14-Nov-15 22:54:51

Oh whoops sorry blush

Nevlet Sat 14-Nov-15 22:55:34

This is my positive from today... Test line needs to be as least as dark as control for a definite positive!baby dust to you for this month flowers and a random santa hat on skates just because..santa

quitecrunchy Sat 14-Nov-15 23:35:46

I've been using OPKs for a couple of months now and still don't think I've really gotten my head around them. The line's supposed to be as dark or darker than the control line so going by that I'd say that wasn't quite a positive. BUT if I got that I would count it as a positive, cos that's as strong a line as I've had. I get an OPK that strong on only 1 day in my cycle, so if I am ovulating, that's the surge.

Sorry, I'm not sure that's a particularly useful contribution! Is this your first cycle testing? If not, have you had a stronger line before? Either way, get ye to bed wink

DizzyMerry Sat 14-Nov-15 23:50:52

Thanks nevlet. Fx for you this cycle.

Crunchy that is helpful so thanks for taking the time to respond. I have used opks before and got a bfp the month my test was as dark as the control line. Prior to that my tests didn't get darker and certainly nowhere near as dark as in the pic today. Just waiting for DH to get home now! Will test again tomorrow to see whether it's any darker.

quitecrunchy Sun 15-Nov-15 00:05:08

Sounds promising then! It might be that if you tested a couple of hours before or after it would be even darker but life's too short for OPKs on every visit to the loo, don't you think? Sounds like O's definitely coming so best of luck!

Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 08:43:26

I'm with crunchy on that philosophy!

My first test run of OPK was pain free in September. The test line was as dark and if took that as a positive and what a positive should look like. Then the next month when we were actually TTC left me feeling disappointed (and obsessive) because the line never got as dark. I just shagged regardless because....well it's fun sometimes but at the back of my mind I thought I had missed my surge. I'm going around the houses but my point is just bd as much as you can. I don't think OPK are the only answer for catching the egg. You have your woman's intuition too. Also we all don't fit in the 'box' and therefore the instructions are void in my opinion. Your surge could happen at a time and/or be so quick that you are given the wrong result.

Anyway I was convinced my body hadn't geared up to ovulate (LH surge) but it did and I luckily caught the egg and now I'm 4+5 (extremely early days!)

Good luck this month hon flowers

Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 08:45:41

Also my post wasn't intended to sound like a lecture. I just wanted to share my experience for you to not worry is the test line never gets as strong as the test line and for any others that may be reading wink

All the best xxx

Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 08:48:18

Apologies for not making much sense. Not sure I can blame it on fat fingers on my teeny weeny phone. Hopefully you get the gist grin

Peyia Sun 15-Nov-15 08:50:53

Also, last post I swear. I'm really sorry to hear you had a mmc dizzy. That must have been incredibly hard, I can't imagine the heartache.

I'll be waiting to see your bfp


DizzyMerry Sun 15-Nov-15 11:16:49

That makes perfect sense peyia. We've been doing the SMEP this cycle and will carry on until I can be sure I've ovulated. I used to temp and have been forgetting to do it each morning but I'm much more relaxed this about it this cycle.

DizzyMerry Sun 15-Nov-15 15:35:17

Just updating with today's test. It's darker than yesterday's so things are looking good!

Sorry peyia just realised I missed the bit about you being pregnant. Many congratulations flowers

quitecrunchy Sun 15-Nov-15 21:12:28

Congrats Peyia, wishing you a dull and uneventful pregnancy! flowers

DizzyMerry Mon 16-Nov-15 11:04:51

Last update as I got a darker line today. Will count today as positive. Thank you all again for your advice.

Peyia Mon 16-Nov-15 17:58:53

Thanks ladies grin

Looks like a ripe egg is on it's way Dizzy! Hope you catch it x

shelbTa Wed 02-Dec-15 18:16:34

Hi ladies! I know this is quite an old thread but wondered if you thought any of these were strong enough to be considered a positive opk? They were very very faint before and now after they are very very faint again so I'm thinking it my have been my surge even though it's not as strong as the control line? I also had strong period type pains.

Any thoughts gratefully received!


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