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Clomid, Long Cycles, Late Ovulation.. Any success stories?

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NewLeafExpat Sat 14-Nov-15 15:38:11

Hi Ladies,

I have some questions if anyone knows the answer factually or by experience?

How long is too long a cycle?

If for example you have a 50 day cycle and ovulate on CD 36 (14 day lp), is it possible to get pregnant? Are your chances lowered due to eggs/lining being old and stale and not fresh and nice for a fertilised embryo to implant into?

I am on Clomid cycle 3, CD28 and think i am only ovulating now. confused Clomid on all three cycles seems to have pushed ovulation back 2-5 days more than my "normal" ovulation CDs and has just lead me to wonder these things...

Any long cycle success stories....? Please?

TTC 2 years and counting...

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