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First time TTC December or January??

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NewGirl2015 Fri 13-Nov-15 16:40:14

Hi everyone, this is my first ever mumsnet post!!
I'm making my maiden voyage into the mumsnet world to find some likeminded ladies. Just getting to grips with the whole thing so if I'm better joining and existing thread would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction!
Brief life history...!!!
Me and DH got married in May of this year, and planning to start ttc in December/January. I was on Cerelle and came off it in August so as to get it out of my system and understand my cycle, I was on the pill since I was 17 (11 years, I'm 28) and had long cycles of inconsistent lengths before this. It took 31 days for me to get my period.
For the past 2 months I've been using this fab app called Ovia to track my periods and try to identify my ovulation window - anyone else use it??
I now feel like I've got a pretty good idea when my fertile window is, and we now only use condoms during this time instead of all the time which is great for obvious reasons. I'm lucky that my DH is super keen for a baby (even more than me!) so was supportive of me coming off the pill and using condoms.
So....I'm a bit nervous, but excited about ttc!
I'm in 2 minds about whether to start trying in December or wait till Jan, I know it probably won't happen the first month we try but I'm conscious that December is filled with lots of festive parties and drinking, and I'm a bit paranoid about drinking while ttc.
Probably sounds very silly but would appreciate some advice!!
Any other tips on preparing to try would be much appreciated.

mackinnonka Fri 13-Nov-15 21:45:53

Hi Newgirl2015!

I am a fellow newbie... also 28 and also just started TTC...and got my BFP last week! (didn't even manage a full month off my pill to get myself organised....)

You sound really well prepared, so i don't think there is any right or wrong answer to whether you start in Dec or Jan, just do whatever you feel is right - but be ready as it could happen straight away!


namechangedtoday15 Fri 13-Nov-15 21:50:41

I would wait until January - enjoy Christmas and then start new year not drinking etc - lots of other people detox or do a dry January so you won't have to make it public etc that you're trying. I also think if you are v lucky and conceive straight away (always possible) a baby born Sept onwards is great for being older on school year smile

BubbaNo1 Fri 13-Nov-15 22:07:02

Hi ladies!

I'm new to mumsnet also.

Mackin when did you come off the pill? And your pregnant already??! Wow!

I came off my pill on Tuesday and hoping my TTC goes as smoothly as yours!

happybus28 Fri 13-Nov-15 22:17:25


I'm pretty new here too! Am on my 1st cycle off the pill and also using the ovia app to try and keep a eye on my cycle! Like you I've been on the pill for a long time so I have no idea how long it's going to take to get my cycle back to 'normal' looking forward to having others to talk to going through the same!

mackinnonka Fri 13-Nov-15 22:26:53

BubbaNo1 - took my last pill on 28 September... no clue how long my natural cycle is... or well anything as i hadn't even got a chance to track, thought my body was playing tricks on me...i did a couple of test which were negative (I guess too early/ too eager!) and then by 7/11 I was like 'okay....this is weird now' and got a positive with 2-3 indicator.

So nervous that its happened so quick and its not real/wont last...

BubbaNo1 Fri 13-Nov-15 23:16:12

Wow congratulations!!! Heard so many horror stories about ladies having to wait months! Really hope that's not the case for me. Was you taking any vitamins? Mackin

NewGirl2015 Sat 14-Nov-15 10:24:57

Wow what a great response, so pleased to have some ladies in the same boat as me!
Wishing you all well with your ttc journeys.

Makinn wow congratulations on your BFP that's brilliant, and very reassuring to hear that it happened nice and quickly for you. How have you been feeling?

mackinnonka Sat 14-Nov-15 10:26:00

Yes I started taking folic acid and iron tablets which I did for about a month and now taking Pregnacare pregnancy vitamins

mackinnonka Sat 14-Nov-15 10:27:17

weirdly, I feel okay, no symptoms of any kind yet which is strange, Looks like they will hit me all at once!

Best of luck newgirl2015 xx

NewGirl2015 Sat 14-Nov-15 10:27:58

Welcome happybus28!
Hopefully things will get back to normal for you pretty soon, have you already come off the pill? When are you going to start ttc?

MummyBex1985 Sat 14-Nov-15 10:40:42


Regular Ovia user here! You're doing the right thing tracking your cycles before starting to TTC. Just be aware that Ovia doesn't get it right most of the time so OPKs and symptom spotting are a way better indication of OV. In fact my fertile window has changed every month and if I'd followed Ovias predictions I wouldn't have DTD at the right time although despite DTD on and before OV every month I've still had diddly squat in terms of PG

GL to you! flowers

NewGirl2015 Sat 14-Nov-15 10:49:25

Thanks MummyBex1985!
I'm also tracking other symptoms especially CM and I usually get pretty identifiable ovulation pain too. Haven't used OPK's as we've not been ttc yet but I might try it this month so I can see if my estimations are right!
Just had another look at December and I think we will be fine ttc then, current estimation I would be oving right at the end of the month so I can stop drinking during the 2ww.
How long have you been trying? Good luck, thanks for the tips.

NewGirl2015 Sat 14-Nov-15 10:51:46

MummyBex1985 one more question for you, any particular OPK you would recommend for price/quality?

NewGirl2015 Mon 23-Nov-15 16:40:20

How are you getting on happybus and bubba??
CD26 for me and still a week to wait for AF!

BubbaNo1 Tue 01-Dec-15 21:22:53

Hey new girl, I have 5 days left until AF should be arriving. I did an ovulation test a couple weeks ago and I think it was negative so doubt it'll be happening this month. I'm just kinda taking the more relaxed approach now... When it happens it happens.

How are you getting on?? X

Jfw82 Thu 03-Dec-15 23:29:07

Happy to join this club if that's ok. Married DH in May, came off implant beginning of October.... Having used the clear blue kits I think I'm now 5dpo so waiting to do a test- only month one so trying not to get too worried/excited about it yet......

BubbaNo1 Sat 05-Dec-15 16:23:40

Hi Jfw...welcome!

I'm due to take a test tomorrow... But not that excited as i don't think I was ovulating this month. But we shall see! Fingers crossed for you smile

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