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Late AF, but BFN?

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Hoviscats Thu 12-Nov-15 07:34:51

Bit of history, ttc #2, got pregnant straight away but ended in mmc and eventual ERPC at 12 weeks in July. Have had regular 28 day cycles since then.

I don't think I ovulate until day 16-18 ish. Am now day 32, no AF and clear blue test this morning is negative.

Any ideas?! Plan to test again at weekend if I can hold out til then, and book Dr appointment next week if no AF and test still negative. Does the late ovulation mean that I would expect it to take longer to get a BFP?

Not sure really why I am posting other than I just need to get it out!

pepper30 Thu 12-Nov-15 13:56:13

Hi Hoviscats - it feels good to post sometimes just to get it out, I'm sure it makes me feel better when I have done this and usually makes me feel better straight away for just typing it out rather than it filling my head!

I had a miscarriage when trying to conceive baby No2 and I know how upsetting it is and of course how anxiety provoking it is then when trying again afterwards.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you having a beautiful little baby, if not on this cycle, then another. I know the wait each month to just know either way is excruciating sometimes. only thing I can say is try to keep your mind busy with other things (if you can)


Hoviscats Thu 12-Nov-15 18:35:58

Thanks pepper.
It is hard but I am doing my best to distract myself! Tbh I don't feel pregnant so just really want AF to come so that another cycle can start.

I fell straight away with DC 1 but that was 5.5 years ago and although I also fell straight away earlier in the year I have this feeling that the miscarriage was the start of something. I don't really know what or why, I just feel like maybe my body isn't working so well. Hopefully I am just being melodramatic!!

Either way posting here has made me feel a bit better smile

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