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What's with all this CM?

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AuntBess Tue 10-Nov-15 12:32:12

Hi all, I miscarried about 5 and a bit weeks ago now and ever since the bleeding stopped, I've had this excessively thick and creamy CM that only TTCers could dream of in their two week wait confused

3 weeks ago, it was confirmed there was no longer any HCG in my blood and I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks after I started bleeding and it came back negative, so miscarriage is officially over.

What's going on? Is it added hormones that I never use to get before? Whilst TTC, I was a vigorous CM checker and my mucus wasn't ever there much, even after AF/during
my 2 week wait.

I suppose it could be an infection but I have no itching/symptoms of one. There's not even a smell to it.

Oh, and I do apologise for my TMI details blush

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