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BF 16mo, AF late but not had sex! Could BF cause this?

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BlueC2 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:15:00

So DH and I aren't managing DTD very often and in fact I'm pretty sure we haven't done it since my last AF. When we have done it since DD born we've always used condoms. We're not ttc and are very happy with our two DC and not planning any more. I haven't gone back on the pill as really struggled to find one which suited me pre DC and am still BF so know I'd be limited in choice and don't want to mess up BF. DH considering having a vasectomy but we haven't got him booked in yet! Anyhow, that's just a bit about us... But right now I'm 2 days late for a usually clockwork AF! DD has really upped her BF this last month due to teething so been waking to feed 2-3 times a night and wanting to feed more in the day again so I'm just wondering whether that could be causing the delay?? Anyone had similar? I know I should maybe go and get a test but will wait a few more days if my head can take it, though if it did say bfp then I'd be 8 weeks at least since we haven't had sex since last AF!! Oh my....we've sold all newborn stuff too as not planning to have any more DC! Obviously we'd be happy to have another (once we'd got our heads around it!) and thankfully we've got space at home though would need a new car... D'oh! Right, must stop waffling and get back to my question...anyone breastfeeding have AF get delayed after it's been clockwork for a few months?? Thanks

MagpieCursedTea Mon 09-Nov-15 21:05:35

If you've been bfing more your prolactin levels may have increased which can prevent or at least delay ovulation. It's also quite normal to have the odd anovulatory cycle which would delay your period. Do a test to put your mind at ease but there are reasons other than pregnancy that can delay AF. Best of luck!

BlueC2 Mon 09-Nov-15 23:23:10

Thanks magpie, crampy feeling tonight but still no sign of AF. I'm in town tomorrow so may well buy a test to take if no sign of AF by the morning. I'm pretty sure it's bfing related or delayed ovulation as you say.

BlueC2 Tue 10-Nov-15 15:52:20

Well, AF is now here! Thanks for being patient with me smile

MagpieCursedTea Tue 10-Nov-15 15:59:23

Glad you got your answer!

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