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Would it be possible to BFP at 9dpo??

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MummyC92 Mon 09-Nov-15 14:27:39

By estimate I am at around 9dpo and AF due on Saturday. I've felt so unwell in the evenings and have felt my moods get very crabby and emotional (similar to early symptoms with DS). I had some bleeding for around half an hour at 5/6dpo which I'm hoping may have been implantation??

Would it be silly to test now and just wait (not very patient!) until nearer to AF?
I know the frer claim up to 6 days before but how likely would it show?

Fifi27 Mon 09-Nov-15 14:47:40

You could, but might not be enough hcg in blood to pick up on test yet, resulting in a fakse neg. I'm approx 4 dpo , the wait is annoying haha. I've had such vivid dreams last night I've heard can also be a sign of hormone changes.. but only just started ttc no prev pregnancy. But you've possible had implantation bleeding so u should test, the early test ones maybe bit more expensive..but worth a try as you can't get a false positive from what I heard...

MummyC92 Mon 09-Nov-15 14:56:19

I know what you mean, I have resisted the urge to test from about 3dpo! Lol. The dreams could definitely be a sign, when I was pregnant with DS Id have strange dreams that felt so real once I had woken up, often baby related too although we hadn't been properly 'trying'. I do have a couple of frer tests waiting I'm not sure if I should take a gamble and do one first thing in the morning or just to be patient and wait until I'm more likely to get an accurate response!! hmm

Fifi27 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:32:13

Oo I'd not be able to wait if had in house, but your right waiting might be best idea.. yea dreams not had any like this for ages, firstly my 2 cats had been taken and stuffed with polystyrene but still alive in a library van.then my oh in car race but took a helicopter and crashed it then I had to walk through big rivers to get to him. Then was in hosp where I work getting shown how to dress a baby...Haha. possible all just brain working things out lol. Well I wish u luck!

Whoknewitcouldbeso Mon 09-Nov-15 15:33:40

I got a bfp at 9dpo quite a few times.

MummyC92 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:50:50

I was silly and ordered the tests online as they weren't meant to arrive until just before AF and I thought that would keep me from testing too early but they only arrived early!! I have a couple of cheapies so if I cave I'll try to use those first and if neg wait a few days, I have no patience grin
The dreams sound like your minds gone overdrive worrying about the ones you love, hopefully it's a sign! Fingers crossed for you too, what date is your AF due?

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