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CD 50 - Came off Pill in Aug

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Cookie22 Wed 04-Nov-15 20:39:53

Hi everyone, looking for some advice. I came off microgynon in Aug (with a view of TTC December time). Have since had a withdrawal bleed, 35 day cycle and now I'm on day 50 with no sign of AF. Have tested a few times & all have been BFN. I just feel a little worried now and not sure when would be the right time to pay the doctor a visit? I know cycles can be erratic when coming off the pill but I've now convinced myself I may have PCOS (have spots around chin area, very dark haired & excessive hair in places too, as well as other symptoms). Should I wait another few weeks before phoning for an appointment? Xx

Sunnydays1788 Wed 04-Nov-15 20:52:26

Hi cookie, Iv seen your post on the "cycles a mess from the pill" thread. You might remember my post but last time I stopped my pill it took my 10 months to have my first period. And this time my 1st cycles was 98 days... I'm currently on my 2nd cycle (day 15 and no sign of OV). I went to my GP after 3 months of no period and she wasn't bothered. I also have bad acne (much worse since stopped pill) and told her I was worried about PCOS.. She just told me cycles can be all over the place after pill... And that they wouldn't test until I had been TTC for a year. Although I do think she was naff and if I saw someone else and pushed a bit more they would test sooner. Also if you have more symptoms they may test sooner, I would make an appointment cod at least that way you have logged a concern and if they say wait a bit longer you have a time frame to go back.

I think they generally say wait 6-12 months for cycles to settle. I would say if still irregular at 6 months see GP. You could try okps and temping to see when you are OV to make TTC easier. Fingers crossed all settled quickly for you but I know how frustrating it is and not having any control! I'm tracking negative OKPs everyday! And have very little other data for my poor apps!

Cookie22 Wed 04-Nov-15 21:01:49

Thanks Sunnydays, just replied on the other thread - we keep crossing paths grin you've reassured me with your info! DH keeps saying I should phone the doc but I think they may just fob me off too. Google can be my own worst enemy at times but I just have a niggling feeling there may be something else to blame! Are you going to sit things out for a while or go back for another opinion? It's good to see theres others out there for support in a similar position smile

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