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What conception? Help needed

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TweedAddict Tue 03-Nov-15 21:55:35

I've used all the available conceptions I think anyway. But I can't seem too find anything that works for both me and my DH, is there anything else out there that I can try?

Here's what we have tried

The coil- I loved, used it for 10 years no AF, perfect. However when I met DH he "feel" it so had had it shortened, no good, new one fitted and left longer- no good. It caused him to have ED pretty bad so the coil had to go.

The injection- gave me awful mood swings,

Condoms- similar issues with the coil with ED

Implant- make my skin itch like mad, I was considering taking it out myself, I just couldn't stand it!

The pill (cerelle)- the only one my GP would give me because of headaches, works well but when I'm on, I'm on for weeks. Tried taking nortetone on top but unless taking it everyday, I'm on.

I'm thinking the female condom will have the same issues as condoms.

Is there anything else I could try, it's so frustrating that we can't seem to get this right!

Just as an side note the ED doesn't occur other then using condoms or coil.

star1980 Wed 04-Nov-15 04:21:29

Hi TweedAddict, you mean contraception and you have posted on the wrong board. You may get some help here, but you'd be better off posting under Family Planning - I'm sure most people on here are using no contraception at all.

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