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TTC #2, still BF DC1 and PCOS

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sminkypinky Tue 03-Nov-15 21:07:00

I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience/success stories with a similar situation.

I'm 37 and have an 8 month old DS. It took 6.5 years to conceive and we had to use clomid as I have PCOS and have an irregular cycle. After 3 cycles of clomid I got my BFP.

Due to my age and PCOS we have decided to start ttc #2 now, however I'm breastfeeding and my cycle still hasn't started, I'm not sure if this is due to the BF (even though DS is weaning he still feeds frequently and wakes a couple of times in the night for feeding), or the PCOS.

I was hoping to BF until DS was 1, although am considering (reluctantly) introducing formula in an attempt to kick start my cycle. Has anyone else been in this situation and had a positive outcome?

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