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ilovesouthlondon Mon 02-Nov-15 20:14:27

Hello Ladies,

I decided to write this post as a way of giving something back as i have depended on the posts that you have all written/commented on here recently and going back years, to try and answer the many questions that I had in my head whilst TTC and going through the 2WW.

My partner is abroad most of the time so we have only had two opportunities to TTC this year! Those two week intervals is what i am going to give feedback on today in the hope that it may help other women.

During our first two weeks together i downloaded 'My Days' period and ovulation calculator to my mobile phone so that we would get the timing right. I am 36 and he is 37. He has two children whilst I do not have any yet. I also used pregnacare tablets. The pregnacare tablets were a nightmare to swallow and gave me bad constipation. I observed the EWCM at the right time and thought that we were on the money! BFN...

Second two weeks together we used the 'My Days' to time things again but this time i swapped pregnacare tablets to Seven Seas Trying for a Baby instead. They are easy to swallow and have no side effects. The packet makes it easy for you to remember to take them too. I took them for a few months before i knew we would be together and every day during and after our period of time together and we did the baby dance once a day for just over a week. This included my entire fertile and ovulation period (according to 'My Days').

I resisted testing for two weeks because i knew it was a waste of time as it could not report anything, but DP insisted that not only has inplantation already occured but its twins apparently...

Continued to wait then tested 12 DPO with a pound shop test and got a very faint positive. It was more of a shadow and you really had to look to see it but there was something there.

Went to get another pound shop test at 13 DPO but they only had the strips that the doctors use. They fell apart as soon as i weed on them lol! After following advice on here i went to Superdrug and got their mid range early test ones (two in a pack). Got a definate faint BFP! I was so shocked and happy. First time i had ever got a BFP all my life!

14 DPO did the other Superdrug test and got a stronger BFP!

15 DPO Did a pricey Clear Blue digital test and it came back pregnant 2-3 weeks. AF due today and has not arrived.

I went to see the doctor today and she was bitter and miserable which was unfortunate as i was in high spirits. She did a test (the same ones that fell apart when i used them) and it had a faint positive. She said that she cant really say its positive as the line is faint. I told her that a line is a line and showed her all the photos I took of my much darker lines and my clear blue digital. She said "well act as if your pregnant"....i thought, well I am pregnant...i know its early days but its still there. She printed off some info about what to eat and told me to come back in two weeks for a midwife referral as i am already 4 weeks and the referrals can take time. Was not a nice experience but at least I have gone to get medical advice.

My first symptoms were (in the right order):
Waking up with left bum cheek pain, as if I had just been kicked or been to the gym. Had to limp for a few hours after getting up because of this. Period pains (still getting them now), lots of cm, thrush, sudden dizzy spells at work, ears suddenly popping as if i'm on a flight, feeling tired, being short of breath just moving or walking, quick heart beat, neusea (but not actually being sick), constipation alternating to the runny one, strange pressure, pulling and at times sharp stabbing pains in belly that last a few seconds, feeling bloated and clothes already being too tight around stomach.

I just wanted to share this as whilst i was waiting for my BFP I reiled on information from other women on Mumsnet! Baby Dust to Everyone !! xx

Oliveisme Mon 02-Nov-15 22:47:09

Congratulations ilovesouthlondon flowers really inspired reading your story. My DH works away a lot and it's difficult to plan around my OV times and him being home without it ending in tears (me not him). Your story gives me hope smile. Although your doctor sounds like a dragon angry so I hope you get a lovely midwife. Good luck and all the best x xx

Morwenna1 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:56:52

Thanks for posting this ilovesouthlondon - we're TTC at the moment, and it's really useful to know how things worked out for someone else. Doctor sounds like a right one! As Olive says, hope you have better support throughout your pregnancy! Hope it all goes smoothly for you smile

ilovesouthlondon Mon 28-Dec-15 09:53:36

Thsnks Oliveisme and Morwenna1! I been so busy its taken me a while to respond (sorry)! I'm 12 weeks now and having a scan on Wednesday. I've already had two scans because i had bleeding at 6 weeks but all was fine and yes i have a lovely midwife. How are you both getting on? Any good news yet?wink

Morwenna1 Tue 29-Dec-15 17:50:00

Hi! I'm 7 weeks today smile Fingers crossed everything works out for us both!

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