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Need someone to talk sense to me!

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Andie92 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:03:04

Hi Ladies,

I know the title of this thread is a little odd but please bare with me on this one.

I'm just a little scared to test at the moment as I'm hoping AF doesn't make an appearance. She is only a couple of days late, and sometimes she's on time and sometimes she is a day or two late. So I decided to wait until she is like seven days late but I just can't face a BFN.

I think I'm like this because a few months back I was over three week late and just kept getting BFN's and sent for a blood test and it turned out it was late for no reason. Another thing that confuses me is that I get PMT which gives me some symptoms which are very similar to that of pregnancy like headaches, bloating, fatigue (worse than usual, like waking from naps and not remembering going to sleep), my breasts and nipples are the sorest they have ever been like wearing a bra is hell but I'm scared to even go down the stairs without any kind of support but feeling a little sick at random intervals is a new one.

So I could just need some advice like with the irregular periods and PMT, when should I test, if anyone else has had any experiences like this and any advice on getting over the feeling of being scared of the BFN or just to help me stop over-thinking this.


Kaytee1987 Tue 03-Nov-15 08:38:25

Hello, I don't really have any advice for you but didn't want to read and run. No one here would probably be able to tell you what's going on as every woman is so different with regards to pmt and early pg symptoms. Try to distract yourself for a couple of days then do a test. Good luck xx

space0bongo Tue 03-Nov-15 16:52:08

I'm exactly the same with my irregular periods - been trying since march and have wasted so much money on tests its crazy. To make matters worse my PMS symptoms are exactly the same as early preg ones!! I think waiting until the 4 week mark's a good idea if possible. I think I read somewhere that by then our hormones are strong enough to get picked up by the test. Anyway good luck!

Andie92 Thu 05-Nov-15 17:11:12

Hey just wanted to thank you ladies, for replying and just to let you know it turns out it wasn't PMT andI got my BFP. I have my first appointment next Tuesday, I'm oddly excited and bricking it at the same time!

Eminado Sat 07-Nov-15 05:55:04

Oh wow congratulations!!!! That is amazing!

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