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Heart shaped uterus anyone?

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troubleatmillcock Mon 02-Nov-15 16:20:47

Hi everyone,

DS is nearly two and we are starting to think of trying for another one.

My pregnancy with DS was fantastic - he was very much on one side though and didn't move much, not that this really bothered me as I didn't have any other experience of being pregnant! Felt good, exercised etc.

Turns out he was on one side and also breech because my uterus is heart shaped and he didn't have as much room to move around and turn, so therefore I had a emergency C-section, which went very well.

Didn't have any problem conceiving DS, although had an early miscarriage a couple of months prior to conceiving him.

I am wondering how other's went on if you had a heart shaped uterus?

I'm now worried if I'll even be able to conceive and even if I managed to, carry to term.

The first time wasn't a worry as I had no idea!

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