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High FSH TTC #2

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Carty76 Mon 02-Nov-15 11:24:31

Last week I was sent for bloody tests as I have had irregular periods since having my LO who is now 14 months old, plus one very odd period that was mostly very dark brown discharge. We have been TTC #2 for 2 months so GP decided to run some tests as I'm 39. Just back from Dr's now to be told that I have high FSH levels. I'd only gone to the GP as I'm currently having a really difficult time at work and experiencing awful anxiety and panic attacks. He just sort of dropped it in there and started talking about IVF not being an option.

I walked in the surgery already feeling low now I just feel devastated. I have no idea if this now means I'm unable to have another child. Anybody have experience with high FSH?

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