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Only one high day before peak?!

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MrsNuckyT Mon 02-Nov-15 10:02:42

This is my 4th cycle using the CBAFM. My peak days have been varying by a day or two each month so it is good to have it to keep an eye on what is going on, especially as I have long-ish and not completely regular cycles.

However, I've had a minimum of 4 high days before peak each cycle. One cycle I had 7 high days before the peak!! This cycle I'd got to CD15 without a high. I finally got it yesterday and then this morning couldn't believe my eyes when I got a peak - when I removed the test stick I could see two strong dark lines.

Has anyone else ever had this before? Can't understand why, instead of the usual slow build up, I've just suddenly shot up to peak literally overnight. Any thoughts on what this might mean or if it affect chances.

Thankfully we dutifully DTD last night and will be able to again tonight!

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