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Not sure if pregnant..

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Chloebobs Sat 31-Oct-15 21:15:42

Hi everyone i am new to this but will try to explain as good as i can. I was due my period end of last week and nothing came but usually it comes same day each month. on the monday decided to take a test and got a very faint positive which you could onky just see. Next day i took another it was slighlty darker but not by much so i rang the docs and thwy said i would need to wait another week beforr they could do anything like blood test etc. Have been feeling sick. Anyway today i have had clotted bleeding when i went to the loo but now its very faint.sad I just think it must of been a cp or something. Just wondered if anyone could help. Thanks everyone smile

Hamsolo Sat 31-Oct-15 21:18:35

There's no definite answer unfortunately. You might have had a cp, but then my sister had a similar thing happen early on and went on to have a healthy baby. Rest up, look after yourself and if you don't have any further bleeding then test again in a few days.

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