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So scared and unsure

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boo97531 Thu 29-Oct-15 19:40:38

Hi, I've namechanged as DH knows my username. I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst a couple of months ago and have had irregular periods the last two times. The symptoms I had with this cyst were the same as pregnancy symptoms (i wasn't pregnant as I had a scan to locate the cyst) and pain. I was taken off the pill and have been using condoms. It seemed to settle down and I was feeling a bit better but the last couple of days I have started to get the same symptoms back again - nausea, sore boobs, etc. I thought I would just check with a cheapie HPT I had in the cupboard and i accidentally peed on the window as well so there was a drop on the test strip which the dye seemed to stick to. I left it and when I checked it 10 minutes later there was a definite and clear second pink line.
I am so scared - I have two DC and both pregnancies were horrendous, HG, SPD, pre-eclampsia, etc. I never wanted to go through it again and DH and I had decided we were happy with two. Financially, space-wise and also the fact that ours are now out of the baby stage and were getting a bit easier.
I don't want to tell DH as I know he'll get stressed and this could end up as a chemical pregnancy, right?I can't tell anyone else in RL, I would be so worried they'll judge me.
Also, the test wasn't exactly perfect so is there a chance it's wrong?

Kaytee1987 Mon 02-Nov-15 12:47:24

Hey sorry you're so worried X when are you due AF? My advice would be to do another test once you're late, or if already late do it now. Once you know for sure you are then defo speak to your husband and decide together what's best for your family. You shouldnt be stressed alone it takes both of you to get pregnant after all. I hope everything goes ok xx

Northernlight22 Mon 02-Nov-15 21:54:32

Definitely test again X sorry you are so worried about it all, don't take all the stress yourself though, do talk to your husband when you are ready to x

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