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TTC #1, PCOS and cervical ectropian

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Pugmummy87 Tue 27-Oct-15 20:06:08

Hello all, I'm new here. I'm 28 (nearly 29) and my DH is 30. We have decided that we want to start TTC, although we haven't been using any form of contraception for 5 years, but weren't actively trying. I was diagnosed with pcos about 5 1/2 years ago and have lost 3 Stone in weight so my cycles have definitely become more frequent (I regularly went 70+ days), but still irregular (can be anywhere between 25-40ish days). I still have more weight to lose so hope that might regulate them further.

My other issue is I have a cervical ectropian that bleeds quite heavily for a few days after sex. I had cryotherapy on it in July and it seemed to help for the first couple of months but the last 2 times we dtd, it has bled heavily again. This is making it very difficult to dtd regularly when I bleed!

Has anyone else been in the same boat? I'm going to make another appointment with my gp to discuss the ectropian issue anyway. Should I be concerned that 5 years off the Pill and I haven't once fallen pregnant? I was very overweight (bmi was almost 40, now around 31).

Thanks for reading.

Loki17 Tue 27-Oct-15 20:26:27

I had an ectropian and it was treated with an iodine solution during a colposcapy. If it is bleeding you may need to go back for more treatment. I went on to conceive my dd after treatment. Good luck ttc flowers

Pugmummy87 Wed 28-Oct-15 21:08:25

Thank you Loki. I'm just annoyed at my body, was told that cryo works majority of the time and the symptoms go away. It's just typical of my body, for it not to work lol!

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