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TTC #1 for over a year after Anencephaly

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ChloeAW Mon 26-Oct-15 12:58:08

Hi, my name is Chloe and I had a TMFR due to Anencephaly in September last year. Me and my husband have been trying ever since and I was ovulating for at least 8 months of that time (I stopped taking OPK's somewhere along the way because I became obsessive.) I recently began taking OPK's again the past two cycles and have not had any positive OPK's. I also had a blood test in March which confirmed I was Ovulating then. I guess I'm just looking for others in a similar situation. This who year is really taking its toll on us now and trying has become such a heartbreaking process with month after month of disappointment and the realisation of the fear we will suffer should we actually conceive. I'm now starting to question our fertility too. But I cannot possibly stop trying because that will push me over the edge...

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