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wannabeamumma Sun 25-Oct-15 20:12:33

Hi, I will be having a HSG on the 11th November, to see if my tubes are open.

Will i be given a Laxative? Or would i need to get one myself, plus does it really hurt, people have told me in different forums, that it is very painful and to be prepared, but i really don't think it will be excruciating like they mention, uncomfortable maybe!

Please tell me your thoughts below smile


Woobeedoo Sun 25-Oct-15 21:36:56

I had one of these a good number of years back.

Don't know why you mention laxative, this won't be necessary at all! Ok, it's a bit like a smear test, one of those gadgets they use to open you up (I have no idea what they're called!), then a thin tube is inserted. A small amount, it's about 5ml, of coloured fluid is injected into the tube and this should move through into the Fallopian tubes. You will have one person doing the clamp, tube & fluid part and another person holding a scanner to your abdomen to check in the fluids progress.

Afterwards you get dressed and are given a tablet - I think it was some kind of healthy bacteria type tablet but I could be wrong and they may not even do that anymore. You may want to take a sanitary towel to wear afterwards as that fluid will make its way out eventually!

I was supposed to take a regular paracetamol beforehand but forgot. It was more like the discomfort of having a smear test so not too bad.

sundayraspberry Sun 25-Oct-15 21:43:51

You don't need a laxative for this procedure although it needs to be booked at a specific time during your cycle, usually within the first 10 days, due to the xrays. I am wondering what gave you the idea you'd need laxatives? Hopefully the hospital will have sent you some specific info as it can vary from place to place.

The procedure shouldn't be painful although it is sometimes useful to take a mild painkiller beforehand as you may feel some cramping after. Again, the hospital should give some advice in an info leaflet.

Prob one of those things that is more comfortable the more relaxed you are!

VimFuego101 Sun 25-Oct-15 21:46:49

I would take a couple of ibruprofen beforehand. It's not painful as such, just a lot of pressure. The dye will come out afterwards so bring a pad. I felt a bit wobbly so probably wouldn't have wanted to drive home.

wannabeamumma Sun 25-Oct-15 21:59:29

I was told by my Dr I may need a Laxative, because it will give a clearer image of the reproductive organs on the screen, plus I have IBS... So I will get something from my Dr... In the leaflet, it is advised for anyone with or without IBS to have a Laxative.

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