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Can metformin cause pregnancy symptoms?

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wardy39 Tue 20-Oct-15 15:59:17

Hi I'm 40 and me and OH been trying for 2 years with no luck. I have recently been put on metformin as have a variation of pcos. I've only started it this cycle and have been lucky with very little side effects. I did notice a big increase in ewcm this month and for the last week (im cd27/10dpo) I have had the most weird vivid dreams, really bad wind!, nausea on and off, and now tender breasts which is not common for me. Oh also very tired in the day and fallen asleep at work nearly every day last week! Oh yes and cold!! So my question is as it affects hormones do you think these symptoms are brought on by the metformin or could I just be in with a chance this month???

Sansoora Tue 20-Oct-15 16:03:36

Im 57 and on Metformin for dodgy sugar counts and 2 weeks after starting it I had a period. Ive also had some of the other symptoms you mentioned.

Im sure thats not what you wanted to hear and Im sorry, so I would suggest you do a pregnancy test just in case.

Good luck to you, one of my children had a long road to walk in order to have a baby, she now has 3, so Im thinking of you.


wardy39 Tue 20-Oct-15 16:34:52

Hi sansoora thanks for the reply. Obviously I'd love to be pregnant but I'm used to disappointment! I had given up symptom spotting but it's all different again on metformin. Not long to wait either way xx

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