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cycle day 54!!....

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lollyb20 Tue 20-Oct-15 10:57:44

Hi everyone been ttc baby number 1 for 13 months no luck! This month im now on cycle day 54 with my next af due in 3 days i have a regular 28 day cycle normally. i normally suffer so bad with af symptoms but have had nothing to indicate shes on her way same as last month. Last af was 28th August. I have bold blue veins through my boobs and areolas feeling alot more tired, sick urinating alot more and quite hungry but 6 negative test! (Internet cheapies) Doctors said just wait and call back if i miss my next af.

Also from yesterday iv had this creamy white discharge which is not normal for me and i have noticed this month i have not had my clear stringing doscharge i normally get when i ovulate

Any advice would be lovely im losing the will to live at the minute x

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