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Crashing with a bump, this is A LOT harder than I thought it'd be!!

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Penguin000 Tue 20-Oct-15 07:27:19

Not physically but mentally I mean. I'm heart broken and it's only the beginning of my journey!

Have ds who was a surprise when I was young and certainly not trying. Now I'm married and had the talk of another child and when to start trying, waited till that time and had my first bfn last week and it's upset me more than I thought. We said we would just see what happens at first and try not to think about it...but it's all I can think about! I wasn't expecting it to happen after one month, but I wasn't expecting it to be so emotional when I didn't see that line show sad

ChatEnOeuf Tue 20-Oct-15 08:15:26

Were you late or testing early? I hate a BFN too so I try and wait a few days before testing. Don't beat yourself up - it's important to you so you're entitled to be upset. If you want a gang of like-minded folks to chat to, come over to the JS thread. We'll hold your hand next time you pee on a stick. Not literally, mind. We're not that weird wink

Penguin000 Tue 20-Oct-15 08:30:59

I tested 4 days and 7 days late still no visit from AF but this is the bit I'm finding so hard, I Know I'm not so why am I still hoping! Thank you, will head over to other thread, I was a bit spooked as so many CD1S and bits I didn't get, will have to sit and work thru it all to follow what people mean!

lollyb20 Tue 20-Oct-15 10:47:21

Hi i no how you feel i have been ttc baby number 1 for 11 months and every month im heart broken when af arrives or if im a few days late and get a negative. Im on cycle day 54 today all negative tests my next AF is due in 3 days and no sign of it coming! Doctors aint interested in seeing me intill i miss next af x

ChatEnOeuf Tue 20-Oct-15 12:07:41

Ooh, that is properly annoying. I had my hopes up this month - AF turned up four days late. Bitch. Onwards... CD is cycle day smile

Belle8 Tue 20-Oct-15 16:07:21

Hi all, this thread has really given me some hope on yet another wobbley day for me. I'm TTC 1 still stuck on cycle 5, now CD35 3 negative tests, not a hint of AF sad had a huge breakdown this morning not wanting to go to work crying my eyes out my poor husband didn't know what to do or say! I really thought this was our month this month and the negative tests have completely knocked the wind out of me. Would love some friends on here to help each other through! Xx

Penguin000 Tue 20-Oct-15 21:33:06

Sorry to hear that, It's so crap isn't it, try to stay positive it will happen for us. Its just a shame waiting sucks! grin

Penguin000 Wed 21-Oct-15 08:19:43

Belle just noticed we have the same cycle day! And Lolly thats so frustrating, you just want it to swing either way and not be in limbo.

Erm, I can't find the thread I should be joining, they all sound confusing!

ChatEnOeuf Wed 21-Oct-15 16:15:03

Ha, they are! The shaggers are currently worshiping a womble conker. Which is quite a long story...

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