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Had enough before it's even begun

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cocothomas1234 Mon 19-Oct-15 12:28:15

So I've had a string of early losses in a row now and I'll be ovulating again next week. People have told me I need to give my body and mind a break for a couple of months and not try again so soon but I just can't do it, I keep thinking what if this is my month? The problem is… is that all of this is one big waiting game, it's what we are doing day in and day out, just waiting, so all I can think is that I'd be waiting even longer with no hope at all so what's the point. My body and mind are up the wall from all the up and down hormones and weird periods and I think deep down I know having a break from all this might help my body but I can't bring myself to stop trying. I just find it stupid that I feel so exhausted and I'm not even pregnant yet, haven't even reached the first hurdle, hate this.

cocothomas1234 Mon 19-Oct-15 12:30:15

ps. I'm sorry there aren't really any questions in there, I'm just in rant mode and scared of having an over loss. My partner doesn't really get it and I don't want to upset my family so I kind of feel on my own with this, keep seeing them fade away is breaking my heart a little bit at a time

Lalalala2015 Mon 19-Oct-15 12:57:33

Sorry to hear you're struggling. Can I ask how many early losses you've had? It might be something worth investigating with your gp.

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