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Have you heard of CMV?

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Mrsbadger77 Sun 18-Oct-15 13:58:03

I contracted this very early in my pregnancy and luckily didn't pass it on to my baby. However I had never heard of this virus before and can't believe it had never been mentioned to me by fertility nurses, consultants, gp or mid wife with whom I have been in contact during my long Ttc journey.
I really want to raise awareness of this without trying to frighten anyone.

Chintaria Mon 19-Oct-15 19:26:00

Are you in the UK Mrsbadger? Here in Belgium CMV is routinely tested for as soon as your GP knows you are planning to become pregnant, or as soon as you are pregnant. If you work in a job that increases the risk of contracting CMV (such as childcare) then you can chose to be signed off work. I chose not to be (I work with 3-6 year olds and was very careful during my pregnancies) but I was able to take extended breastfeeding leave from work due to not having any immunity to CMV.
It's seems strange that this is not routinely tested for in the UK, taking into consideration the damage it can do.

Mrsbadger77 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:36:12

Yes I'm in the UK and having done some research into it I had found out that Belgium and Germany do seem to take the whole thing far more seriously than here. I just can't believe that I have had so much contact with so many health professionals and no one had mentioned it to me. I have a toddler who I kiss on the face and lips and with whom I share drinks. I had no reason to think there was anything wrong with this. If only someone would have warned me. I'm glad I hadn't passed it on to my baby , but I lost him to something else. It just means I can't start trying for another baby until joy anti body levels are safe.

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