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TTC No 1 after MMC & ERPC

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Turi1983 Tue 13-Oct-15 14:49:40

Hi there

I fell pregnant in May, the second month of trying – extremely lucky, I know. I had spotting week 9 due to a missed miscarriage and had an ERPC the following week. I was carrying MCMA twins which are apparently high-risk.

We were told we could start trying again immediately. My 1st period started after 30 days – no idea when I ovulated as I had a positive pregnancy test for at least 2 weeks after the ERPC. My 2nd period started after 27 days – I ovulated around cycle day 15. And my 3rd period has started today after 25 days, my regular cycle length – I ovulated around cycle day 13. I have been using the app ‘Ovia’ and have realised my luteal phase – this month and before the miscarriage – is generally 12 days which seems shorter than average. Will this affect my body’s ability to implant…?

I’m feeling so down as I’d desperately hoped I would be pregnant again by now especially after seeing so many threads on here about how fertile one is after a miscarriage. What is worse is that since the miscarriage I get pregnancy symptoms in the lead-up to my period – cramps, pelvic pain, constipation, gas, back ache, nausea, lots of cm and, this month thrush.

I feel like my body is taunting me and if I’m honest, I think I’m going a bit bonkers. I had no idea a miscarriage would be so hard. I find it hard to let myself cry because sometimes I think I might lose control completely.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Any words of wisdom? I think my friends and family are getting a bit fed up with me! I have started temping this month to help me pinpoint if I am even ovulating. I’ve used OPKs until now.


sundayraspberry Wed 14-Oct-15 08:41:04

Hi turi, am sorry for your loss. Theres plenty of support over on the TTC #1 after miscarriage thread if you want to come join us. Most of us there are in similar position to you, and i can totally sympathise with feeling like your body is playing tricks on you! Not sure if any one does else does temping tho x

Sakura03 Wed 14-Oct-15 08:56:10

I'll echo Sundayraspberry - come and join us on the other thread. I too mc'd in May and like you thought I'd be pregnant again by now. Its imposible not to think about it all the time, one minute positive and hopeful the next worried it'll never happen... but come and join us so we can support each other

Turi1983 Tue 27-Oct-15 13:24:23

Hi both

Thank you for your lovely messages - I will move over to the other thread.


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