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Preseed 2015- Good or bad reviews?!

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Stace2015 Mon 12-Oct-15 16:22:41

Hi All,

Just wanted some info or advice on anyone using/ has used preseed. Did you get your BFP? how long did you use it for? how many days in a cycle?

I read so many positive reviews on it but ive also read quiet a few ladies who have gotten their BFP then m/c or had a chemical pregnancy. I have also read elsewhere that it isnt safe as it lets even the unhealthy/ weaker sperm through which then causes the m/c.. your thoughts please! smile

Stace2015 Mon 12-Oct-15 16:23:34

To add, i have started using it this month myself! x

Focusfocus Mon 12-Oct-15 16:47:43

We conceived the first month of trying, which was this Feburary 2015. Used pressed strata way, got pregnant straightway.

However, this should prove nothing. Also in that first month of trying we used -

1. Opk kits after having tracked my cycles forever so had a very very fine tuned sense of ovulation anyway
2. Acupuncture throughout that first cycle
3. Emma cannon's week specific eating for each of the four weeks of that cycle
4. Longstanding use of zits west conception vitamins to prepare
5. DH too on conception vitamins
6. Traditional Chinese medicine advise on keeping uterus and feet warm at specific points of cycle
7. Used pressed

So you see we may have for pregnant without any of all that. All of that may well have been a placebo. Have no other cycle to compare with either.

Focusfocus Mon 12-Oct-15 16:48:36

Pressed strata? Preseed I meant.

And baby reached full term today. Fingers crossed that everything now goes well.

Stace2015 Mon 12-Oct-15 17:04:28

Hey focusfirst

Thanks for the reply and congrats to you! You got your BFP smile

I'm keeping my hopes up that I can be one of the 'used it for the first time and got preggers' crew! Lol

I have also been using vitamins, 2 fertility apps and have just taken up yoga to de stress. Here's to hoping!

BloomingR0sey Sun 29-Nov-15 21:10:27

Hi stace! I've just ordered some preseed! How are you getting on??

Bugmuncher Sun 29-Nov-15 21:19:15

Hi Stace. I've got something similar called Conceieve Plus. We haven't actually used it yet but the texture seems ok. We already use a durex lube which I recently found out doesn't contain and spermicide so our not trying has accidentally changed to not preventing!

MummyBex1985 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:22:10

I've started using it this cycle.

I wouldn't recommend using the full recommended dosage - you'll be leaking the bloody stuff for days, lol!

(Sorry for the TMI) grin

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