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The myth of "Evap lines"

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Noappointmentnecessary Sun 11-Oct-15 12:20:32

Read the most amazing comment written by a man about pregnancy tests!!

Mummyellsbells Sun 08-Apr-18 15:42:46

I had a very faint line within the 10 minute time frame and as time went on within half hour of doing the test I had a very strong line. Would you say this is positive? I have blood tests to see tomorrow to see.

JustVent Sun 08-Apr-18 18:53:00

Sorry, but that’s a load of crap.

Certain tests are notorious for giving out false lines .

Take the clear blue for example, countless women have suffered with their bullshit faint lines yet have absolutely zero line on any other test.
That isn’t because the clear blue is oh-so-wonderful at picking up the minute HCG but because they are absolutely crap tests.

Take the Superdrug test, it used to be very reliable, a popular test for this reason. Then they “improved” it and it started giving lines out all over the place for many women yet they were getting stark negatives on all other tests (same urine!) that isn’t because the Sd test is good, it’s because it’s shite.

Yes Chemical Pregnancies occur, that’s an absolute fact.

And no, perhaps Evaps aren’t real (I’ve no idea)

But it IS possible for a coloured line to come up on a test and it NOT be because it’s picking up minute HCG from a C.pregnancy but purely because the test is unreliable and shit.

I also don’t like the tone at the very begninning of the thread pointing out that it was written by a man. So? Does that make it more credible? Absolutely not.

And yes I know this a 3 year old Zombie Thread, but it’s still bullshit.

JustVent Sun 08-Apr-18 18:55:45

And I love the “I am a clinician.”

Please! As is that has any weight. And so what he’s spent time in a labatory. He is one man, with one persons experience in one labatory. Statistically speaking that counts for precisely fuck all.

stateofgrace29 Fri 18-May-18 08:25:50

What about this?

BuntyII Fri 18-May-18 10:00:26

Totally agree with @JustVent I have had coloured evaps even with a FRER. It's totally unhelpful to convince women that they must have been pregnant because they have a pink line on a test that's been cracked open and sitting out for 24 hours. Total bollocks.

Danielleannice Thu 24-May-18 08:23:50

I’m new to the site and have been TTC for 3 months. My cycle has decided to go from an almost regular 26 days to a 32 almost immediately when we began TTC 😩 which has made it hard and frustrating to track. I’m currently on CD 31 and have had very different cramps the past 4 days so I took a test. I thought I saw a very faint line but my BF couldn’t see anything. After 2 hours there was a very clear blue line. I know Sainsbury’s tests are notorious for evap lines but thought I’d ask for some advice.

Danielleannice Thu 24-May-18 08:32:27

I done one with just water and there was no blue line. Trying to post a pic but not sure how lol.

LandoWorld2016 Fri 01-Jun-18 05:11:30

I need help understanding a pregnancy test, i spotted 3 days around the 7/8 of may usually don’t get a period until 15th or the 24th of each month.. I used 2 different test when I tested and they didn’t show right away the lines appeared in the testing area but they were colored not just grey tested in the past and never used to see a line at all Obgyn nurse said when they sit they get faint lines but never knew the faint lines to be colored in the past

christinasoto25 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:13:49

I took a test yesterday and this is what I saw. I'm afraid to take another one because I do not know what I will see. I don't know what this means!!


Sophiedoreen Wed 20-Jun-18 20:33:27

Hi sorry to jump on your post but hat do you guys think? Evap line or faint positive?

Sophiedoreen Sat 23-Jun-18 22:00:19

What do you guys think?

MrsStone32 Sun 24-Jun-18 20:08:31

Looks like a positive to me! Were you pregnant in the end?

cathrineward84 Fri 29-Jun-18 15:24:27

I have two positive looking test Faint lines and one negative I took the first two one on a Wednesday night and the other Thursday morning around 10:30 am the one that came out negative looking I took Thursday around 3pm and I had tinkled about 5 times by that point so I am wondering if it is just super early I would only be a couple weeks. I have pictures I do not know how to add them

Summer2018needhelp Sun 08-Jul-18 09:19:26

I need some advice, I don’t want to offend anyone but I am not looking to get pregnant, I was a bit silly and didn’t use anything over the course of two weekends, I went to a local clinic and had the morning after pill, I still haven’t come on, I am now 3 days late, yesterday morning I took a clear blue test and it showed a positive, through out the day I tried different brands some with blue dye and some pink, this morning I tested with a cup of urine, I used Asda, Morrison and first response pink dye test and a Sainsbury’s blue one. Pink ones show negative (I hope is true) and the blue again looks like it’s showing a positive, I would post a picture but unsure how to.

Soconfused819 Sun 08-Jul-18 19:31:37

Can someone tell me how to upload a picture so I can ask opinions on it?

Jessmcgee26 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:04:07

Ive got a very faint positive line although its obviously blue im still confused my tubes have been tied 5 years can this be real?? Helpcontent://media/external/file/7621

BoBo90 Thu 09-Aug-18 19:18:01

What brand is the test? Clear blue and Tesco's own almost always have a faint blue line when negative.

Hanklily Wed 03-Oct-18 23:00:20

Is this test positive

Tyspence18 Wed 31-Oct-18 03:03:30

Okay, I was really confused! I’m 10 days late and I’m having all the symptoms my test came back positive but with a blue faint plus sign.

Sophiedoreen Mon 05-Nov-18 15:41:36

Hello i know this thread is quite old but im hoping someone sees this and replys.. what do you think?

Sueebo Thu 08-Nov-18 15:46:41

I have the same problem did you turn up pregnant?

Sophiedoreen Tue 20-Nov-18 05:55:21

Hello yes i was pregnant but ended up miscarrying at 10weeks xx

Sammygirl06 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:52:38

How do I post pictures of my tests that I need advise on

Lename Mon 17-Dec-18 08:30:58

Came back 20 minute to this after it said 10 minutes... true or no?? Happened with another one really faint

Lename Mon 17-Dec-18 08:32:54

I tried to upload a photo I don’t know why it’s not working

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