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pregnancy fear morning after pill

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rusmum Sun 11-Oct-15 08:24:59

Ok been stupid re being careful.had unprotected sex on days 12 13 15 of cycle. Morning after pill xovered 12 and 13 taken day 13. My skin is spotty. Light cramps some pink discharge yesterday. Which isnt usual. Not paranoid im.pg. due in 8 days. Whats the chances? Main isue is my fiancee amd i split up 2 days ago. Help xxxx

Pumkins2mum Sun 11-Oct-15 13:48:24


Don't panic yet! I have took the morning after pill and have always had a early period or light spotting I found that period is lighter but returns to normal next cycle. There is always a chance of being pregnant but if I were you I'd give it another few days then take a early pregnancy test. Sorry for your break up with your fiancé. Good luck.x

rusmum Sun 11-Oct-15 13:56:40

Thanks z

rusmum Fri 23-Oct-15 06:51:07

5 days late. 3 neg tests. Should this be ok? confused

Slugonthewindow Fri 23-Oct-15 07:04:48

Only time will tell. Leave it a few more days and test again. But tbh you could still be pregnant. If you took morning after pill on day 13 (to deal with previous 2 days of sex), why on earth did you have more unprotected sex on day 15?

I hope you get the result you need.

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