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pain like never before

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courtneyathay123 Wed 07-Oct-15 20:51:01

Hi so I've been posting on here lately I came off depo last year + my cycles returned this year a normal 28 day cycle but I'm 6 days late for this month cycle in having very bad low abdominal pain with low back pain + frequent headaches so let me narrow this down for u all need help if anyone has gone thru this ........

1.low abdominal pain ( tugging feeling )
2.low back pain
3.nausea ( some vomit )
4.frequent headaches
5.frequent urinating
9.breasts heavier
11.alot of vaginal discharge ( no itching )
12.late period
13.increased sex drive

Runner05 Fri 09-Oct-15 09:42:30

Didn't want to read and run.

I haven't had this but if you are late have you tested?

courtneyathay123 Fri 09-Oct-15 17:08:11

Yhh I went 2 the doctors they done a test he said I hav 2 test again next week coz there was a really faint line on it + I've been having more severe symptoms since I've missed my period now today my partner was vomiting I also had 2 wear a panty liner coz there is alot of cm ( sorry for the tmi ) xxx

MummyBex1985 Fri 09-Oct-15 18:43:13

You're the 17 year old in the benefits claiming couple that's been told a million times strangers can't predict whether or not you're pregnant through the realms of the Internet, right?

Just take another test...

TheCatsMother99 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:31:50

I second what Mummybex had said.

I've seen your previous posts, OP, and as has been said before, the people of mumsnet can't tell you if you're pregnant or not, you need to take a pregnancy test.

I hope your situation has been sorted out, at the risk of sounding a little out of line, you seem a bit frantic about the whole thing. You've been posting for a while now but not really understanding how things work or how you'll afford a baby as you don't have jobs. You're so young (and I don't mean that in a patronising way), you've got plenty of time to get yourself sorted out re, jobs and really settled so that you can enjoy a baby rather than worrying that your finances are pushed to the limit.

courtneyathay123 Fri 23-Oct-15 20:29:25

Had my pelvic examination yesterday + they seen 2 white dots 1 was bigger than the other + 1 was underneath the other 1 then I was spotting for 2 days just thought id update u all xxx

Kaytee1987 Mon 02-Nov-15 12:59:29

I notice you've been posting since July worrying that you're pregnant and can't afford it etc. I don't want to sound mean but maybe you should be using contraception until you're ready for a child. The only way to know you're pregnant is by taking a test, no one here can tell you.

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