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Hpt repeat offender

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wantingno2 Wed 07-Oct-15 09:43:55

So I'm 10 or 11 dpo I've been testing since 8 dpo but still bfn I thought there was a hint of a line but I might of been imagining it. I'm getting a little obsessed and have convinced myself it's over for this month I'm ttc #2 this is my second cycle it's hard not to be disappointed sad any 9th er repeat offenders lol

wantingno2 Wed 07-Oct-15 09:44:42

Sorry that was ment to say any other* silly auto correct haha

wantingno2 Wed 07-Oct-15 11:51:17


Loki17 Thu 08-Oct-15 17:31:35

I'm 9dpo. I've taken a test already. grin I'll join you in 'crazy lady corner'. I'm worse this time than I was the first time we ttc.

wantingno2 Thu 08-Oct-15 18:13:20

I'm 11 or 12dpo and still bfn it's driving me mad x

Loki17 Thu 08-Oct-15 18:50:57

I'm going to do a fr tomorrow. Technically af is due Saturday, although because I ov'd late I wonder if Tuesday might be more accurate. Still, I can't wait any longer!

wantingno2 Thu 08-Oct-15 20:26:43

I'm not even 100% sure when I ovulated I think it was the 26th or 27th of sep I did a first response yesterday and not even a hint of a line x

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