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Advice on Sperm Donation

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SadLass Tue 06-Oct-15 19:05:04

Hi Ladies,

I'm a bit confused today, and wondered if someone could give me some advice about sperm donation and/or adoption?

Long story short - I've always wanted a child. I married young to a man who said he wanted them too, but when I reached thirty and was ready to start trying he had a "religious epiphany" and said he couldn't have kids with me because I didn't share his newly hardline beliefs. We divorced soon after.

I then spent years with a guy who also seemed to want kids, but when it came around to the natural point in our relationship when we were stable enough to try, he changed his mind and broke up with me - because he'd realised he didn't want to be a Dad after all. Soon after he got a new girlfriend who immediately fell accidentally pregnant, and decided to keep it.

I'm now 37 and meeting fairly horrid guys. I guess I just don't have a lot of luck, and I don't really want to keep waiting around. But I'm just so confused about where to start with the idea of having a child on my own, and my relationships have been so upsetting I'm not coming from a very calm place.

Adoption? Fostering? Sperm donation? It all seems like such a strange land. Does anyone have any good advice about what my step should be?

Thanks in advance!


VestalVirgin Mon 02-Nov-15 18:32:15

The topic of sperm donation is being discussed here, maybe that's interesting for you?

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